Control Joint Caulking Services Greenville, SC

Control Joint Caulking Services in Greenville, SC

Control Joint Caulking Services in Greenville, SC

Commercial control joint caulking is a service that must be budgeted for in order to preserve the exterior envelope of any structure. In some cases, control joint caulking may be salvaged on certain sides of the building which do not receive as much exposure to UV degradation and general weathering.

In most cases, we recommend completely removing control joints and replacing control joints with silicone caulking. Some commercial control joint caulking companies will skim coat control joints in order to avoid cutting out the old caulking. If this control joint caulking service is performed without bond breaker tape, it can result in joints that fail soon after they are installed, or in the worst cases, cracking of the precast.

We respect our client's view of our control joint caulking company and maintain that any control joint caulking service we perform is done in strict accordance with the manufacturer's specifications in order to secure warranties from the manufacturer. This is one of the many ways we earn our clients control joint caulking business.

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Control Joint Caulking Services Greenville, SC

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Control Joint Caulking Services in Greenville, SC